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Peruvian textile tradition is the result of three thousand years of history, which progresses over the time and shows products that stand out for its excellent quality and design. Products such as blankets, quilts, bedspreads, sheets, pillows, etc.; either embroidered or woven; stand for its fineness and quality, as piece of patience, knowledge, and the producers’ ability.

Peruvian textiles are rich in designs, colors, techniques and styles. The designs, reflected from geometric draws to images of animals and plants. The infinite palette that combines the colors of our earth: the browns and grays of the coast, ocher and blue of the mountains and the endless shades of green of the jungle. As for the techniques which have been developed in our territory, we have: rope, sticks, hand spinning wheel, spinning wheel pedal loom.

And what to say about the styles ... Some people say that the finest and prettiest fabrics are from Huancavelica, where makitos (separate sleeves) are woven with numerous designs that distinguish one community from another. Others attribute this recognition to the fabrics of Taquile , declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The design of a textile comes from the perception of the surrounding environment, and the internal world of the weavers. The colors can explain to the viewer how he or she felt, because harmony expressed in colorful designs, is an expression of the weaver’s contentment, happiness or euphoria while making a job. In Peru you will see so many styles that you will find something you like for sure.