Creating wooden furniture is a tradition which demonstrates the ability of the Peruvian worker. Skilled craftsmen make day to day various products testing their skills and ingenuity to build pieces of art. Whoever has the opportunity to see furniture and decorative items made of wood, will be able to appreciate the handmade details made by Peruvian artisans. A bed, a table or sideboard becomes objects that are not only functional, but true pieces of art.

These are hand-made furniture in various tropical types of woods, which are obtained through extraction processes that ensure the sustainable management of forests and are characterized by the length, density and strength of its fiber.

Peru has implemented a strategy to diversify the use of species and thus increase the availability of products for the international market. In addition to cedro and caoba type of woods, there have been identified 32 wood alternative species, which include cachimbo, capirona, copaiba , tornillo and zapote.